Ramps - Wild Leeks

(Allium tricoccum)

Other Names:
Spring Onion, Ramson, Wild Leek, Wood Leek, and Wild Garlic


Amaryllidaceae– Ramp family

Growth Type:
A perennial herbaceous plant. Similar in appearance to members of the lily family

Can grow up to a height of 10"

The leaves are sea green in color, waxy in appearance, and rather delicate. The plant typically has two or three long lance shaped leaves with parallel veins. The leaves are basal in nature, and when crushed, exhibit a strong onion scent. This onion scent is conspicuously absent from other members of the lily family, including the similar looking lily of the valley. The leaves sprout in early spring, and wither by late spring.

Flower stalks appear after leaves wither


Flower Season:
Late spring - early summer

Flower Appearance:
A dome like cluster of white six petaled flowers on a long stem.

3 hard seedcases which rather resemble shiny black bb's.

Miscellaneous characteristics:

Moist rich soils of partially shaded woodlands

Parts Used:
Leaves, Bulb

Wild Food Uses:
The bulbs remain edible throughout the year, while the leaves are edible until they wither in late spring.

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Medicinal Uses:
Bulbs have been used in traditional medicine to reduce blood pressure. An infusion of the bulbs can be used to treat colds as well, although I have not personally verified either medicinal use.

Medicinal Actions:

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