About LivingAfield

LivingAfield grew from the need to retain knowledge posessed by our ancestors. I have made it my goal to help you learn about the natural world. I could not care less about your political or religious views. I believe reality is local not global, and said views are part of our individual local realities.

What is Living Afield? It is different for each of us. For me, Living Afield means getting back in touch with the natural world. It means eating healthier, spending more time out of doors. It means reconnecting with the world around me. It means eating wild foods, and using the medicinal properties of plants to heal body and spirit.

In days of old, forests were dark foreboding places filled with peril. Fairy tales were written to scare children into staying away from these terrifying places. These stories were filled with witches and ogres waiting for little children to devour. Over the years, these stories have been altered in order to appear cute and fuzzy. The original ideas for their drafting seem outdated and ridiculous by today's standards. However most people rarely venture into the natural world. We become so entangled in the day to day drudgery of our lives, that we fail to see the beauty and bounty that surrounds us each and every day. Whether it is kayaking, hiking, camping, or some other outdoor activity, the peace and serenity of the natural world can nourish our spirits. Get out and enjoy what nature has to offer. Adventure awaits beyond the beaten path.

I have tried to include something for everyone in this website. Please look around, and enjoy yourself. Drop me an email if you like, or just try some of the things on the various pages, to see if they work for you. It is my fondest desire that you too can find enrichment from our natural world.