(Lobelia inflata)

Other Names:
Indian tobacco, puke weed


Lobelioideae - Lobelia Family. A sub-family of Campanulaceae, or bellflower family.

Growth Type:
Annual or biennial

Can grow to 3 or more feet tall.

Toothed, ovate, leaves up to 3 inches long.

Erect pubescent stems

Shallow fiberous root mass

Flower Season:
Summer persisting into autumn

Flower Appearance:
Violet flowers with yellow tinted interiors.

Not observed

Miscellaneous characteristics:

Sunny, well drained, disturbed, soils. Can sometimes be found in partially shaded areas.

Parts Used:
Aerial parts of the plant

Wild Food Uses:
None Kown

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Medicinal Uses:
The broncodilating properties of this plant make it an excellent choice for the the treatement of Asthma and other lung ailments. I recommend 3-20 drops of tinctured lobelia placed under the tongue to combat asthmatic attacks. In higher doses this plant does posess emetic properties. This means that it may cause nausea and vomiting in some people. Usually this is only in rather large doses though.

Medicinal Actions:
Antiasthmatic, Broncodilator, Emetic

lobelia inflata image lobelia inflata image lobelia inflata image