Spotten lady's Thumb

(Polygonum persicaria)

Other Names:
Lady's thumb, Jesusplant, redshank


Polygonaceae - Buckwheat Family

Growth Type:
Herbaceous annual

Can grow to 3 ft tall

Alternate and almost stalkless. They typically have a brown or black spot in the center.

Segmented stem. Erect to floppy, with swollen joints

Not observed

Flower Season:

Flower Appearance:
Tiny pink flowers are born in a dense spike at the end of the stems. The spikes are often heavy enough to cause the stem to droop.

Shiny black, three edged achene

Miscellaneous characteristics:
A non-native plant which has become naturalized across its range.

Along the edges of roads, trails, yards, lots, as well as other waste areas

Parts Used:
Leaves and young shoots

Wild Food Uses:
This mild tasting, nutritous, plant may be eaten raw in salads, or as a trail nibble.

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Medicinal Uses:
Traditionally used to treat diarrhea and infections.

Medicinal Actions:
Antidiarrheal, Anti-Infective

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image image

Note the hairs around the sheath