(Sagittaria latifolia)

Other Names:
Duck Potato, Indian Potato, or Wapato


Alismataceae – Water-plantain family

Growth Type:
Arrowhead is a small aquatic plant with three petal white flowers arranged in whorls of three. The leaves are varied from broadly arrowhead shaped, to lance shaped or even grass shaped. In Michigan I most often find the broad arrowhead shaped variety.

At waterline, or rising up to 3 ft above waterline

Varied from broadly arrowhead shaped, to lance shaped or even grass shaped

Erect stems sometimes below water line

Fibrous with enlarged 1 - 2 inch potato-like tubers

Flower Season:
Late spring to early summer

Flower Appearance:
3 greenish sepals, 3 white, or pink-tinged, roundish petals arranged in whorls of three. 6 or more stamens and multiple pistils; stamens and pistils may occur in separate flowers.


Miscellaneous characteristics:

Aquatic, growing in shallow water of pond edges, and slow moving streams

Parts Used:
Tubers - Autumn through early spring

Wild Food Uses:
The tubers can be gathered in large quantities by freeing them from the mud with a hoe or rake. Once free, they float to the surface of the water. Native Americans freed them by raking through the mud with their bare feet. While they are slightly bitter when eaten raw, they are delicious when cooked. Prepare them in any manner you would a potato.

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Medicinal Uses:
None Known

Medicinal Actions:

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