Learn to Make Herbal Medicines

"Use plants to heal mind, body, and soul"

With a little practice you can make your own healthful herbal remedies and supplements.

Many of the plants that surround us each day have amazing medicinal benefits. Approximately 70% of western phamaceuticals were originally synthesized from these very plants.

Since antiquity, willow bark has been used for pain management, fever reduction, and to reduce inflammation. Plants like Willow, Salix spp., contain a compound called Methyl Salicylate. In approximately 400 BCE, Hippocrates wrote of the benefits of salicylic tea for treating pain and fever. There are literally hundreds of plants with effective medicinal properties.

I can tell you from experience, there is no better feeling than being able to provide your family with safe effective herbal remedies when they are ill.

My classes will teach you how to make safe, effective, herbal remedies with which you can help maintain the good health of you and those you love. These classes are hands on. We will harvest our plants from nature, and use them to make our medicines.

The Cost Of The Herbal Medicine Making Class is $65.
You can save $10 by prepaying via PayPal.
Anyone who has already attended a previous Living Afield course may attend my herbals medicine making course for the reduced rate of $35.00.

The cost of the class includes everything you will need to make your healthful herbal medicine.

Refund Policy: Prepaid course fees, less applicable fees, will be happily refunded for cancellations made at least 14 days prior to the course date. Those made after the 14 day deadline will receive credit toward another class date.

Special group pricing is available. I can also set up a private class for your group.

Class availability will depend upon interest.

Upcoming Medicine Making Classes and Dates
Class Date Location Time
Learn to make Pain Relieving Tincture May 5, 2018 Turtle Ponds, Sanford MI 10:00 am
Learn to make Healing Oil June 9, 2018 Turtle Ponds, Sanford MI 10:00 am
Learn to make Nerve Soothing Tincture or Oil June 30, 2018 Standish MI 10:00 am
Learn to make Healing Ointment August 25, 2018 Turtle Ponds, Sanford MI 10:00 am