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September 23-25, 2016 Wilderness Skills Class Photos

In search of the perfect shelter site

Making sure there are no overhanging "widow makers"

Explaining why this is a great site

Driving in the first corner post

Heidi drives in another corner post

Liz cuts a cross piece to length

Reminded of playing with their childhood linking logs, Kathy and Liz place a side rail

With the corral finished, it is time to make the nest comfortable by filling it with soft materials.

Ben finds out that even though it is a bit more work, a full 12" of leaf material is much softer than the 3-4 inches there now.

Being as that he will be sleeping in the shelter tonight, Luke definitely wants to make sure it is soft enough.

The ridge beam is in, but there is still not enough fill in the nest.

Cutting rafters for the a-frame.

Just about all of the rafters are installed. Now we need to make it warm and watertight.

All of that material will definitely keep Luke warm and dry tonight.

Luke may have called first dibs, but Ben wanted to see how his hard work paid off.

Christine decided to give it a try as well.

Liz loved the smell of the pine and leaves.

Kathy thought it was pretty comfortable too.

Everyone is pleased with a job well done.
The shelter was still in great condition when we checked on it April 22, 2017.

There were a couple of beer bottles in it, which tells me someone has been using it.

Tyler is setting a snare I demonstrated building.

Everyone takes a turn setting my snare. Not to be outdone by her son Tyler, Christine is a natural.

Ellie and Liz made the best first attempt of any students I have ever had.

Ellie and Liz setting and then tripping their spring-pole snare.

Ellie using a knife and baton to process firewood



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